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Zoom Long Sleeve Indigo Tie Dye Origami Tee
Zoom Long Sleeve Indigo Tie Dye Origami Tee

Long Sleeve Indigo Tie Dye Origami Tee


Home grown organic cotton L/S Tee. Size L. 

Dyed with rusted clips in an exhausted Indigo bath with iron and soda ash and madder. Inspired by the Japanese paper folding technique origami, these shirts were dyed with intuitive and organic folding resist patterns.

Please treat your naturally dyed garment with care like a living being. Some Natural dyes are susceptible to acids so please take care with acidic drinks. Wash cold with like colors and eco-friendly detergent, tumble dry low or hang dry. Please avoid dry cleaning. For Daily careBe mindful of the sun. Colors fade faster if left outside. 

Zoom Botanical Bundle Dyeing Video
Zoom Botanical Bundle Dyeing Video

Botanical Bundle Dyeing Video


Watch Cara in this Bundle Dyeing Tutorial from the comfort of your own home.

Cara covers how to mordant, wash and treat your fibers along with demonstrations on how to bundle dye a variety of items from a cotton tee shirt to a silk top. We also cover the Japanese technique Tataki Zome, or flower bashing. 

Through a little steam you can make beautiful patterns on natural cloth. In the class she works with the components of the Botanical Bundle Dyeing Kit. 

This tutorial is 35 minutes long. And comes also with our Natural Dye Resource Packet and written instructions. 

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