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Zoom Warm Winter Browns

Warm Winter Browns


Send me your wares.

For the month of November, I am dyeing warm winter browns. Send me your clothes and we will transform them into a warm chocolate brown. 

Click Through to also send one item at a time! Each Option has a separate price point. 

If you don't see your item, no worries - email us and we can create a separate invoice for you. 

The way the DYE BATCH works:

- Only cotton, hemp, linen, terry ( cellulose fabrics ) or sturdy silks ! 

NO: Wool, synthetic, swimwear, things with lots of straps / hardware, or very delicate items. 

- Up to 20lbs per bath, if you have less that's okay! We can still dye them, but note that each round is $450. Get a bath going with some friends to make the weight!

- Different fabrics will take the dye differently and the brown photographed is not a pantone, natural dyes respond differently based on the fabrics sent. Silk will take the dye to a darker shade, cotton & canvas lighter. 

- There are NO REFUNDS , RE-DOs or RETURNS. 

LOCAL PICK UP for your garments in Brooklyn available, or we will send a separate shipping invoice once your batch is finished. 

For any custom inquiries please email 

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Botanical Dyeing Wedding Service




We use a natural dyeing process called Bundle dyeing.  It works through using steam and non - toxic mordants to transform the clients bridal bouquets into beautiful floral prints.


The process will take one month to 6 weeks from the delivery
of the flowers and the confirmation of the purchase order. We will need approximately three of the wedding arrangements for the process, depend-ing on the garment chosen. After the wedding, they can be sent in airtight containers (I.e., ziplock bags, ball jars), and we would prefer them dried. 

We can derive color from most flowers/greens, including white. Please note, however, that colors do NOT come out in this process as the same color as the flower. Because of our rust based mordant the palette typically consists of blues, grays, greens and purple tones. Sometimes eucalyptus will turn red.


If interested in the look book, please email