Zoom Dyers Chamomile - 50g Tin
Zoom Dyers Chamomile - 50g Tin

Dyers Chamomile - 50g Tin


50g Tin

Anthemis Tinctoria or also known as Golden Marguerite, and is part of the daisy family.

It's warm yellow hue produces beautiful shades of yellow and the whole flower heads can be used for bundle dyeing. 

For protein fibers it is recommended to use 15% Aluminum sulfate as a mordant and for cellulose fibers a light tannin such as oak gall or tara power at 8% + aluminum acetate at 8% or Aluminum suflate @ 15% + 2% sodium carbonate. 

 50gs will dye 100gs of fibre a strong yellow shade. 

These were grown on the North Fork of Long Island on Treiber Farms.