Bundle Dyeing Workshop at Rennes with Samuel Snider

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Join me at Rennes Philadelphia for a fun afternoon of flower printing.

1 - 4 pm


135 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
In this relaxing workshop, you will learn how to dye and paint with frozen fresh and dried flowers to create a breathtaking masterpiece on silk. 


Through gently steaming petals, we will learn how to treat fabrics to be able to take natural dyes, extract color from flowers and natural dye stuffs while experimenting with advanced floral dyeing techniques you can all do at home. Through only a little steam you will learn to transmute assorted flowers into beautiful patterns, on your fabric. This class will also cover using natural additives to create cosmic patterns. 

You will create your own silk swatches and have the option to purchase an antique linen napkin set to dye. 

Samuel Snider will have a trunk show of his latest collection for sale.