Zoom Charcoal Natural Dye Bath
Zoom Charcoal Natural Dye Bath

Charcoal Natural Dye Bath


Give your clothes a new life with our charcoal natural dye bath. From denim to t-shirts you can renew and reuse in a natural, sustainable way. Our dye bath is made up of cutch, oak gall and ferrous sulfate to produce a beautiful rich black.

NOTE: Natural fibers only. This would include cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo, linen, and tencel. As of now we are not processing wool.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the type of garment(s) you want dyed, add to your cart and finish your purchase. If you can’t find an item in the list or it’s a larger order please email us.
  2. Send your garment to us with your name, address and order number. Tracking is recommended but not required.
  3. Once received, we’ll begin the dyeing process which can take up to three weeks.
  4. After your garments are dyed and ready we’ll ship them back to you to be used again!

Where to send it?

CMP Studio

1027 Grand Street #505

Brooklyn, NY 11211